Get Reminders in a New Way.

With the Tellzies App you can set a Tellzies to chirp or flash when its time for a task.

Unlike other app reminder systems when you preform the task the Tellzies knows by using its motion sensor or by a user pressing the button.


- Did Jack give the dog his treats?

- Did I remeber to take my meds?

- Has someone opened my drawer?

Life is full of questions. Let Tellzies answer a few. With Action Tags you can records motion of what its attched to so you can see if it was moved.

Montior Your Important Items

Motion Monitor.

Tellzies motion sensor can tell if somethings been moved. When something moves you can record the motion to review later, play a sound, LED flash, or get in notices on your smart phone.

Great for doors, liquor, treats or anything that you want to know if it moved.

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The Action Tag

Action Tags™ are the phyical Tag that attaches on or near your task to keep track of whether a task has been completed, when it was completed, and send reminders when forgotten.

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Remember Imporant Tasks

Audio & Visual Reminders

Stick your Tellzies on or near a something you might forget. Tellzies can flash, chirp and send app notifactions if the task is not done on time!

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Tellzies records when something was moved, temperature, button presses and jestures. Data can be securely stored for webaccess or shared.

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Use the app to montior & program your Tellzies and who you share data with.

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